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Social Media for Entrepreneurs, a workshop about strategy

Social Media for Entrepreneurs

Being an Entrepreneur is like being an one-wo(man)- orchestra: nobody says it is going to be easy and you only have two hands to get the job done.When you start to think about Entrepreneurship you think about Start-ups, Internet of Things, HTML5 and Social Media…but you can bring your own business Idea to life without IoT or computer skills.

One of the things that i still remember, from my days at college, is what one of the best Professors told us once: «University should teach you how to think, not what to think». And he was right. I regret that I only studied Tourism, Advertising & PR and Spanish Philology no MBA or BA Degree and then one day, thanks to a friend of mine, I realized that it were be possible to entrepreneur without an MBA. How is it possible? First of all, do not panic, of course you cannot know everything but good news. Which are that at the beginning of your project, it is enough if you take care of everything by yourself; but you are not alone. Just search in your city because there are many organisations taking care about Entrepreneurship Programs most of them with help from the Government.

Social Media for Entrepreneurs

My next workshop will be the beginning of this year Entrepreneurs Program of the Professional Women’s Network in Munich. Together we will find the answer to the frequently asked questions about Social Media Marketing like: Do I need to hire an agency to take care of my social media channels? Which Social Media Channels are relevant for my business/project? How often should I post on Facebook? Is Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest useful to me? Where can I get content to post? How can I create my own pictures/video content?

PWN Munich - Social Media for Entrepreneurs

Remember “If you are not online, you are invisible”, because Social Media Marketing is what entrepreneurs need to be successful without spending lots of money.

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