Why am I a Matchmaker at Bits&Pretzels?

Often people asked me why since 2018 am I a Matchmaker. A Matchmaker, really? they say. So when i attended last september the the Team Evening for Staff, Volunteers and Matchmakers i thought about why am I a Matchmaker at Bits&Pretzels. The reason why I am there is not  money, job seeking or to become an influencer. I belong to this wonderful community, curated by the great Galina Bankova and their colleagues at The Matchmakers.co, because it brings me inspiration, energy, motivation to follow my path and purposes as a Team Lead and Social Founder. As a migrant woman i just want to inspire people. One day someone will look at me and say «because of you, i didn’t give up».

Almost two years ago, I was scared working surrounded by people remembering me that I am a young, foreign woman in Germany. Now I have a new position just doing a job which suits to my Big 5 for life. There I can grow up together with my team and encourage them to go through the digitalisation in culture industries.

Matchmaking at Bits&Pretzels changed my life. I was inspired, motivated, helped by the great Matchmakers Community and yes, I am currently founding my own social start up. As a migrant woman I want to help NGOs and other Institutions working with and for migrants to build a solid volunteer teams organising Language Tandem Events to help them to improve their German skills. That is the way I can change the world we live in, even if I fail I am not scared because I know I will be stand up again and try. Try it until you fake it! See you at #Bits20!!! We will rock it!!! and yes, i am really proud of being a Matchmaker at Bits&Pretzels.


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Esther Patrocinio (Salamanca, 1983) es jefa de Ventas y Dirección Comercial en el Teatro de Cámara de Múnich y profesora de español como lengua extranjera en la Universidad de Múnich (LMU). También ha sido becaria en la Oficina Española de Turismo de la ciudad y ha trabajado en el equipo de comunicación internacional de Media Markt y en GEMA, la Sociedad alemana de Gestión de Derechos de la Música. Además, es amiga de sus amigos, escribe y le gusta viajar… y el jamón.

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