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Why am I a Matchmaker at Bits&Pretzels?

Meet Up Bits&Pretzels Staff, Volunteers and Matchmakers @Wayra Germany - Own Picture

Often people asked me why since 2018 am I a Matchmaker. A Matchmaker, really? they say. So when i attended last september the the Team Evening for Staff, Volunteers and Matchmakers i thought about why am I a Matchmaker at Bits&Pretzels. The reason why I am there is not  money, job seeking or to become an influencer. I belong to this wonderful community, curated by the great Galina Bankova and their colleagues at The, because it brings me inspiration, energy, motivation to follow my path and purposes as a Team Lead and Social Founder. As a migrant woman i just want to inspire people. One day someone will look at me and say «because of you, i didn’t give up».

Almost two years ago, I was scared working surrounded by people remembering me that I am a young, foreign woman in Germany. Now I have a new position just doing a job which suits to my Big 5 for life. There I can grow up together with my team and encourage them to go through the digitalisation in culture industries.

Matchmaking at Bits&Pretzels changed my life. I was inspired, motivated, helped by the great Matchmakers Community and yes, I am currently founding my own social start up. As a migrant woman I want to help NGOs and other Institutions working with and for migrants to build a solid volunteer teams organising Language Tandem Events to help them to improve their German skills. That is the way I can change the world we live in, even if I fail I am not scared because I know I will be stand up again and try. Try it until you fake it! See you at #Bits20!!! We will rock it!!! and yes, i am really proud of being a Matchmaker at Bits&Pretzels.